Orlando International Airport Terminal C 2022, United States of America, Orlando

Immersive video and interactive content for GOAA Airport in Orlando

A series of interactive and immersive multimedia experiences exploring the knowns and unknowns of Central Florida for Orlando International Airport’s new Terminal C.The experience rethinks the traveler’s relationship with the airport by rekindling the joys of air travel through digital wonder. The work offers travelers unexpected moments of magic and connection, making the terminal itself a destination. Our work aims to reinforce the conversation about the importance of art in public spaces. These artistic interventions enhance the well-being of travelers. The series of installations is the first of its kind in the aviation space, providing a unique interactive digital experience for an airport that usually uses screens to broadcast flight information or advertising. By leveraging the magic of interactive technology, we’re providing a never-before-seen gateway into local culture and fostering unexpected connections among passersby.

For Orlando International Airport's brand new Terminal C, Gentilhomme was mandated to create and produce a series of immersive experiences exploring the knowns and unknowns of Central Florida. Using cutting edge technology, Gentilhomme designed and produced more than 70 interactive multimedia vignettes that are programmed according to the passenger journey, taking into account wait times, time of day and seasons. The video content is integrated into two large-scale media features inside the terminal. Serving as the focal point of Terminal C, the Moment Vault offers an interactive experience where inside, passengers are transported into 360° photorealistic worlds, created within the Unreal Engine™ game engine. The installation is composed of three giant screens within curved walls facing each other. The content covers 2979 square feet LED panels on all sides of the walls. Movement belonging to 30 people can be detected by a real-time 3D motion capture system to create moments of engagement. To create this effect, we created a large-scale 3D skeleton tracking system based on artificial intelligence image recognition, as well as six 4K cameras to support up to 30 participants in interactive scenes, while ensuring the integrity and quality of motion tracking. The experience is accompanied by an original soundtrack that pays homage to the region, mixed for a 360-degree surround configuration to provide absolute sound immersion reinforcing the content and interactive moments. The team created two different content series to leverage the interactive system in place. The first series uses the cameras to create a mirror effect and to generate kaleidoscope effects playing with the visitor's reflection. The movement and speed of rotation of the mirrors depends on the position of the users in the space. The second series uses a particle effect, giving the illusion of a glittering dust trail formed by the person detection system. The visitor sees their own silhouette transported in a fantastic landscape. Each interactive capsule has a duration of 6 minutes for maximum engagement. The goal is to create a set of soothing visuals that harmonize with the rest of the content produced in CGI and live action. The second installation, Windows on Orlando is designed as an expansive panoramic reveal. A triptych of 32-foot-high screens spanning 114 feet give the illusion of three windows that open up onto mesmerizing scenes celebrating Orlando, from SpaceX rocket launches to bird migrations. Gentilhomme's in-house cinematographers, along with a local production team, shot with 12K resolution cameras at more than 20 different locations within a 50-mile radius of the airport.





Building or project owner : Greater Orlando Aviation Authority

Architecture : Fentress Architects

Project artist/ concept/ design/ planning : Gentilhomme

Structural engineering : Burns Engineering, Inc.

Display content/ visuals/ showreel : Gentilhomme

Light hardware (LED hardware) : SACO

Interaction design/ programming : Gentilhomme


Facade type and geometry (structure) : Moment Vault: designed for immersive interactive experiences supported by digital capture and state-of-the-art 3D motion-tracking sensors/cameras covering 2979 square feet LED panels; It is an interactive installation immersing guests in a 360º immersive world built in Epic Games’ UNREAL Engine. Up to 30 full body users’ movements are tracked in 3D in real-time and transformed into interactive silhouettes on screen, featuring scenes from Mars, swims with manatees, fireflies, and fish. Windows on Orlando: Live action capture deploying multiple 8K cameras for massive panoramic raster across the 114-feet expanse of the three 32-feet-tall Window displays creating a visual illusion of unfolding points of interest outside the terminal;

Kind of light creation : Custom LED HDR panels

Resolution and transmitting behaviour : Tech specs - Moment Vault Interior: Composed of three concave 2mm LED displays. Moment Vault Interior total resolution is 33K for 1437 square feet LED panels South screen: 3744 x 2592 pixels, 25.59 x 17.71 ft West screen: 4320 x 2880 pixels, 29.52 x 19.68 ft North screen: 3744 x 2304 pixels, 25.59 x 15.75ft Exterior: Composed of three convex 4mm LED displays. Moment Vault Exterior total resolution is 9K for 1542 square feet LED panels South: 2016 x 1296 pixels, 27.55 x 17.71 ft West: 2304 x 1440 pixels, 31.49 x 19.68 ft North: 2016 x 1152 pixels, 27.55 x 15.75ft Tech specs - Windows on Orlando Composed of three identical LED displays, each with a width of 33.35 feet and a height of 35.43 feet. Total resolution is 2304 x 2448 pixels per screen, 19K, for 3545 square feet LED panels

Pixel distance : Moment Vault Interior: pixel pitch = 2.1 mm. Moment Vault Exterior: pixel pitch = 4.2 mm. Windows on Orlando: pixel pitch = 4.166 mm.

Participatory architecture & urban interaction