Bahrain International Circuit 2021, Bahrain, Sakhir

The Speed of Light

Taking Formula 1 into the future, Bahrain's International Circuit is an iconic beacon to the global motor sport. StandardVision enveloped its world famous 10-story clubhouse tower with 360 degrees of over 8,000,000 custom LEDs. The entirety of the building's 2.5 linear miles of lighting technology is centrally managed by StandardVision's proprietary SVRunner control system. This new form of responsive architecture is designed to excite the senses while supplying race content to viewers at every angle, making it the most modern of its kind in the world.

To reimagine their iconic F1 tower as a digital landmark, the Bahrain International Circuit enlisted Woodroffe Bassett Design (“WBD”) and StandardVision. StandardVision partnered with integrator Spectrum Lighting to provide a turn-key solution on the unique 360 degree architecturally integrated media facade, which consists of five primary elements. Custom direct-view LED panels across seven floors, each with a floor-specific module length, tailored to the structural facets of each floor, which gracefully maintain the steep sightlines from upper floors to the track. Below these rings, video-controlled linear grazers of custom lengths mount on existing aluminum sunshade fins, creating a bespoke extension of the direct view LED panels above with reflected illumination. A centralized DC power system provided much needed efficiency, performance and integration for the LED rings. Architectural show lighting was added to the rooftop canopies and a number of key areas. And a custom hardware-software content management system platform SVRunner was deployed to control the wide variety of pre-defined and real-time broadcast needs




Building or project owner : Bahrain International Circuit

Project artist/ concept/ design/ planning : Woodroffe Bassett Design

Facade design : LED Media Display Concept: StandardVision

Technical layout light : Show Lighting Integration: Spectrum Lighting

Light hardware (LED hardware) : StandardVision

Lighting control software : (SVRunner) StandardVision

Project co-ordination : StandardVision and Spectrum Lighting


Participatory architecture & urban interaction