LAN - 4 2020, Spain, Logroño


The ephemeral proposal LAN - 4 stands out among several proposals from different countries. This winning project arose from the abstraction of the most used figure of wine. Its peculiar and elongated figure with that elegant touch of glass, creates the concept, a form that is a tribute to the quality and prestige of the wine.

The shape; a tower that generates a landmark on the edge of one of Viña Lanciano's plots, bringing its scale closer to the context of the Ebro river and the Mantible bridge, creates reflections that contrast with the Garnica wood interior. 4 sides represent each of the stations, a vertical element that rises 7.50 m, an ephemeral landmark that stands out within the site that bathes the Ebro river. Its exterior faces are made up of a mirror-skin, a similarity to the elegant glass of the bottle of wine and creates a reflection of its changing environment, throughout the course of the year. It should be noted that, according to the organizers of the Festival, the project was going to be removed at the end of the festival, but it was so liked by the visitors and their own, that they decided to leave it indefinitely in the vineyard.



Building or project owner : Bodegas LAN

Architecture : oe architect

Project artist/ concept/ design/ planning : Alejandro Ramírez

Structural engineering : Concéntrico

Facade design : Cristalería Ruíz

Facade construction : Cristalería Ruíz

Project co-ordination : Concéntrico

Membrane skin : Mirror

Interaction design/ programming : Concéntrico 06

Project sponsor/ support : Concéntrico 06 - Bodegas LAN


Facade type and geometry (structure) : Its outer envelope is made up of 3mm ecological mirrors, contrasting with its interior made of Garnica wood, which comes from sustainable forests. Inside, a structure of pine wood posts.

Urban situation : LAN - 4; It does not seek to compete with the landscape of Viña Lanciano, it dialogues, frames and lives with it. Approaching it is perceived as a climatic barrier alluding to the mountains, but in the distance it merges with the landscape, in a poetic element, which depends on the location of the viewer, shows a facet of its location. The tower has an opening at the top that allows you to see the sky.

Participatory architecture & urban interaction


Concéntrico 06 / Josema Cutillas

Concéntrico 06 / Josema Cutillas

Concéntrico 06 / Josema Cutillas

Concéntrico 06 / Josema Cutillas

Concéntrico 06 / Javier Antón

Concéntrico 06 / Javier Antón

Concéntrico 06 / Javier Antón

Concéntrico 06 / Blanco Botella