2018, Austria, Vienna––your virtual buddy in Seestadt is a virtual chat partner which helps the residents of "Seestadt" to navigate through their daily life. It knows if it's better to take the next bus or ride with a rented e-bike. You can ask: "Do you know if the supermarket is still open?" and it will give you the correct answer. And after a long holiday trip it can tell you what weather to expect back home. All this is integrated into a chatbot available in the Facebook Messenger or Telegram messenger app. is a convertional virtual assistant for Aspern Seestadt. This newly constructed suburb of Vienna is one of Europe's largest urban development projects and has around 6.000 residents after the first development stage. At the beginning of the settlement most of the local information was hidden and not accessible to the people already living in the area. So was created to uncover this local information like opening hours of the supermarket, restaurants, shops and doctors. In addition it also serves as an intelligent travel guide. Instead of just displaying the next public transport options, it will also look if you can reach the Vienna underground line U2 faster by bike or by walking to the station. This helps you to save time and makes the overall trip to the city center more comfortable. is also connected to the free to use e-bike sharing system SeestadtFLOTTE. So if you want to take a tour with an e-bike, it can tell you if enough bikes are available and if the rental box is free at the moment. The bot is currently available on Facebook Messenger and Telegram messenger. If you have one of these two apps, you can already chat with it. In the future a voice interface is planned, but only implemented as a basic prototype yet. Additional integrations in the neighborhood is possible: Imagine a public terminal at the underground line station where you can type in or talk to instead of looking at traditional departure time boards. All data used by is licensed under an Open Data license. If users find errors in business details, e.g. wrong opening hours for the bakery, they can report this back directly from the bot. Data generated by the users is also licsensed under a Creative Commons license and therefore free to use for everyone.


Building or project owner : Philipp Naderer-Puiu

Project artist/ concept/ design/ planning : Philipp Naderer-Puiu

Interaction design/ programming : Philipp Naderer-Puiu and Luiza Naderer-Puiu

Project sponsor/ support : Wien 3420 aspern development AG


Description of showreel : is used as mobile information service in Seestadt Aspern, an urban development area.

Participatory architecture & urban interaction


Philipp Naderer-Puiu

Philipp Naderer-Puiu

Philipp Naderer-Puiu