Control no control 2013, Netherlands, Eindhoven

CONTROL NO CONTROL is an interactive LED sculpture.

CONTROL NO CONTROL is an interactive LED sculpture that invites the audience to use their hands and body to act on its sound and graphics.

The full cycle of audio-graphical compositions goes through five states, each exploring a geometric pattern, its properties, its audio representation and how it reacts to bodily gestures.


Building or project owner : Iregular

Light design : Daniel Iregui

Light hardware (LED hardware) : Powered by X-Agora

Lighting control software : Flash


Pixel distance : 20mm LED pitch

Urban situation : Public space. Old industrial complex transformed into condos.

Description of showreel : This is the documentation of the piece during the festival. You can see multiple users interacting and the 5 different graphic compositions.

Participatory architecture & urban interaction