boxLEDs 2010, Austria, Vienna

Boxes that blink

Media Architecture for the rest of us. boxLEDs is a lightweight and very flexible hard- and software toolbox for a new breed of social media applications in public space.

Finally, temporary luminous installations, often large-scale and interactive, are also presented in the Quartier des Spectacles.


Building or project owner : realitylab

Light design : realitylab

Light hardware (LED hardware) : traxon

Lighting control software : e:cue


Facade type and geometry (structure) : free configurable “boxLEDs” elements made out of stackable plastic boxes with integrated LED elements.

Kind of light creation : LED

Resolution and transmitting behaviour : Low resolution. Plastic Boxes used for light diffusion

Luminace : Currently brightness optimized for indoor use. Easily adaptable to outdoor lighting conditions

Urban situation : boxLEDs are designed as flexible media architecture for events, games, clubbbing, trade shows and for artistic interventions in the public space. Depending on the situation the user is involved via tracking, mobile apps and online social networks.

Description of showreel : Costumized videos by Catherine Ludwig and interactive content by the realitylab team

Participatory architecture & urban interaction