The Energy Tower façade lighting 2014, Denmark, Roskilde

The façade lighting of the Energy Tower

The Energy Tower façade lighting is an architectural media façade created on the approximately 100 m high and ca.190 m long façade covering Kara / Noverens new power plant. At night you see the shining Energy Tower as a unique landmark for both KARA / NOVEREN and Roskilde. The Energy Tower is a large building. The iconic architecture with the perforated façade is widely seen from all over Roskilde and in the countryside around the city. The Energy Tower is one of the largest luminous landmarks in Denmark. The shining Energy Tower is seen as a fascinating and magical landmark for Roskilde on the dark night sky.

The Energy Tower has the form of an approximately 190 m long slender body, which grows to an approximately 100 m high tower at one end of the building. The façades are made of dark brown amber colored anodized aluminum sheets. The façade panels are perforated in a pattern of circular holes of different sizes: Ø 25, 50, 75, 100 cm. Perforation varies over the façade, with the fewest holes in the body of the building and most holes up in the tower. Through the holes you will see the interior of the building façades, the inside of the tower's façade panels, the chimney, interior windshields and the metal structures that carry the external façade panels. All the internal façades are illuminated with projectors with LED RGBW. The projectors are mounted on the metal structures that carry the outer façade panels. The projectors illuminate the inner building façade and the inside of the façadepanels in the tower, and illuminance seen through the holes of the outer façade plates. The light distribution on the illuminated surfaces is varied, each projector forms its own light spot, which thus can form one pixel in the light pattern of the media façade. The projectors are not visible seen from outside the building. All projectors are connected to a light control system, each projector can be controlled individually in terms of light color and brightness, and all projectors can be programmed in dynamic light scenes. With programming, you can create endless variations of dynamic light scenes that can play on the façades of The Energy Tower, from subtle color shades, to flashing strong colors. The luminous Energy Tower has a great potential to communicate with the citizens. The Energy Tower can for example change color and lightpattern in honor of anniversaries and events in Roskilde, such as this summer, where the Roskilde Festival week were marked with orange light in the Energy Tower.


Building or project owner : Kara/Noveren

Architecture : Erick van Egeraat

Facade design : Erick van Egeraat

Light design : Gunver Hansen Tegnestue

Lighting control software : Martin Professional


Facade type and geometry (structure) : The outer façade is made of dark brown amber colored anodized aluminum sheets perforated in a pattern of circular holes. The inner façades are covered with dark gray steel plates.

Kind of light creation : All the projectors are from Martin Professional. The lighting system consists of: 111 Martin Exterior 410 LED RGBW, 5600 ch, 139W, IP65 70 Martin Tripix 1200 RGB LED, 1440lm, 82W, IP65 The light distribution angles adjusted with different prismatic filters. Light control: Martin Professional Martin M-PC Medialon Manager Lite handles the user interface via mobile / web.

Urban situation : The Energy Tower is a large and tall building, which is widely seen when walking in Roskilde and in the countryside around the city.

Participatory architecture & urban interaction