Spine 2012, Denmark, Aarhus

Spatial mechanical interactive installation

SPINE is a spatial mechanical interactive installation created specially for MAB 2012. It responds and reacts on the visitors in the Raw Hall at Godsbanen in Aarhus. Over the hours of the day it changes its appearance in a very simple way, from dynamic moving boxes acting like a being, to become almost magic when the daylight disappears and the warm light appears in the cubes.

SPINE consists of more than twenty singular physical elements that are moved by electronically controlled winches and gives a aesthetically experience when entering the beautiful Raw Hall, a nineteentwentys wooden structure of more than 60 meters. People moving around in the large room will be met by this almost creature like installation‘s movements, sounds and lights. SPINE is an installation created by local forces in Aarhus. Mads Wahlberg is the owner of Wahlberg Light and Motion Design that based on a series of winches and other mechanical products make custom solutions for stage performance. Henrik Munch is a composer and producer thats been working with interactive sound scapes in different projects. Henrik Munch is also professor at the Royal Academy of Music teaching electronic music. Kollision is a Danish design office founded in 2000. Kollision specialize in interactive communication, interaction design, dynamic media architecture, and citizen participation in architectural projects and urban development. CAVI - Centre of Advanced Visualization and Interaction - Aarhus University, is a research and development center that focuses on interaction design and advanced visualization.



Participatory architecture & urban interaction