Distributed Projection Structure 2004 2004, Spain, Sweden, Hungary, Finland, Switzerland,

Distributed Projection Structure 2004

Distributed Projection Structure is an experiment from 2004 where we tried to animate physical matter using algorithmic light.

Distributed Projection Structure is built up from 300 plastic pixels inhibiting the pyramidical space of the computer projector. The physical structure follows a simple geometric algorithm where no pixel casts shadow on any other, this way they can be all reached from the projector’s lens. The patterns we project create spatial volumes of colors, planes, simple shapes moving around on the volume of the pyramid. 


Building or project owner : aether architecture

Architecture : adam somlai-fischer, anita pozna, peter sandor nagy, bengt sjolen

Light design : bengt sjolen

Lighting control software : bengt sjolen


Participatory architecture & urban interaction