KPN Tower 2000, Netherlands, Rotterdam

Skyscraper on an island

“I think it is enormously important to work with the intangible elements of space. Light, transparency, vibration, structure and color are those elements that interact with the shape of the space, rather than emphasize its function. The language of Architecture is changing. New technologies can bring together peoples and cultures in a way that is unique in the History of mankind. I firmly believe in the value of these options.”

A wall of light measuring 3.000 square meters has turned the new headquarters of the largest Dutch telecommunications company KPN in Rotterdam into a spectacular attraction. The stunning building, designed by Renzo Piano, was officially opened in September 2000. Located on an island by the New Maas it can be seen from miles. The 100-metre-high and 40-metre-wide sloping north façade is equipped with around 900 PLANON® flat-panel lamps. Because they can be controlled individually with electronic control gear, they form the pixels of a gigantic monochrome display on which still and moving images can be created.


Building or project owner : KPN Telekom

Architecture : Renzo Piano

Facade design : Corsmit Engineers

Light hardware (LED hardware) : Osram Planon


Facade type and geometry (structure) : Single layered, overhanging glass façade (ca. 3.000m²).

Kind of light creation : Osram Planon flat panel lamps

Resolution and transmitting behaviour : Low resolution - 900 Planon lamps have been used

Luminace : Relatively bright - use during daytime is possible

Urban situation : The building can be seen from one side from very long distances.

Description of showreel : Graffiti Research Lab

Participatory architecture & urban interaction